About the Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity
As members of the Trinitarian tradition, we are dedicated to giving glory to the Most Holy Trinity through a unique apostolic ministry.  Our U.S. Motherhouse is located on the property of the beautiful setting of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Euclid, Ohio.
Our Eucharistically-centered Order embraces the apostolates of elementary education and ministering to pilgrims who visit the Shrine.  These activities typify our witness to Christ through setting spiritual captives free by works of redemptive charity.
Our Typical Day
Waterballoon Toss
Yarn Mermaid Tail
Made by Sr. Mary
Trisagion Chaplet
  • Morning:
    • Meditation followed by Mass
    • Breakfast
    • Community Activities
  • Midday:
    • Lunch
    • Community Activities
    • Vespers
  • Evening:
    • Rosary, Meditation
    • Liturgy of the Hours
    • Supper
    • Night Prayers
    • Recreation